The new dancing season starts Monday, September 13nd 2021


How nice of you to visit our website!
We offer lessons for children from 1.5 years, toddlers, children, students, adults, ...  You are sure to find a dance class that suits you!
Our teachers are all qualified and pedagogic - didactic. They make each lesson a fun and - above all - instructive experience. 

As a dancing school, we work with you or your child(ren) for a whole year in the dance class. Registration is therefore only possible in September.
Some classes (especially the children and the sports classes) are open for registration during the schoolyear.

Our dance school is a member of Danssport Vlaanderen and was also given the title of 'quality dance club', a title of which we are very proud!
We are an official recognized Sports Club of the City of Antwerp and welcome you with open arms!

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask them! We will be happy to answer them. And maybe we'll see you in one of our classes!
The Danzateljee team.  


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Do you also have Antwerp UCoins®?
You can pay for all your dancing lessons  and sports lessons in our dance studio !!
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Corona has held us in its power for some time now. What measures we take and how this translates into our lessons, you can read here:

Make all your dreams come true at Danzateljee!

We are a Dutch speaking dancing school. We are convinced that dancing lessons can be an perfect language education for children and adults who have difficulties speaking Dutch. We can translate during class, but we will not teach in English, French or other languages. 

Everybody is welcome here.

You don't speak our language? Then a dance class is the ideal exercise!!
We open our arms to children who have 'qualities' that may not be so obvious in other sports activities.
We are happy to speak to you and answer all your questions. 
If you would like to enrol a child with these qualities, please mention this when enrolling.
We will be happy to contact you to discuss everything with you personally.

Dansen? Ook voor jou!

Even when things are a little more difficult financially, we have a solution for you. We open our doors to everyone. Everyone deserves the chance to take dance classes at a high level. 
Talk about it with our staff.