Burly Choreography 


"It is not about seducing men, it is about embracing womanhood' - Dita von Teese.
Burlesque is also called the art of seduction: it is about self-expression, self-confidence, glitter and glamour, seduction, sensuality and humour. Burlesque comes from the Italian word 'Burla', which means 'joke'. It lets you be a wonderful woman in your own way.
What makes Burlesque so special is that it is a beautiful and positive way to celebrate your wife and knows no boundaries: there are no rules and people don't look at your size or age.
It is for the lady who wants to push her limits or just a lady who wants to boost her self-confidence, a lady who loves dance, glitter and glamour and/or likes to imagine herself in the years of Pinup girls and delicious Burlesque music.
During the lessons we wear clothes in which we feel feminine and comfortable: this can be a nice dress with stockings or lingerie: the choice is yours. Be sure to bring heels too!
During this 10 week course you will learn the basics of Burlesque. We dance with a number of attributes, such as boas, fans and chairs, but also the basics of seduction, teasing. You will grow as a woman and your self-confidence will grow during the course. Everything comes together in a beautiful choreo. During this course we build on the beginner's course. This course is for all ladies who have already taken a course. We continue to work on the art of seduction and teasing. This comes together in a beautiful choreo where there is also room for improvisation and dancing in duos.

In this series of lessons, we assume that you already have a little bit of prior knowledge. We do not focus on techniques, but fly straight into them with a nice burlesque choreo. Both completely with the sensual female burlesque style in which every woman can feel good.


 +18 Y






60 MIN


  • Account required
  • No use of cellphone during class
  • No filming (privacy) during class
  • No pictures (privacy) during class
  • Use of cafetaria is obligated