Dancehall 1

Dancehall originated in Kingston, Jamaica. It is not just a dance style, but a whole culture. Dancehall dancers from Jamaica live, eat, breathe, sleep, ... dancehall. The basis of dancehall (just like hip-hop) are basic steps. Within the lessons we will delve into these steps that are created by well-known dancehall dancers. These go from tough to fluent to very feminine. In addition, choreography, freestyle, exercises, etc. will also be discussed. Dancehall is all about fun fun and feeling the steps and the music in your whole body. In 2017 I discovered my passion for dancehall (with Valerie Maene) and since then I still learn every day from different dancehall teachers. I am ready to pass on my knowledge and love to you and I am really looking forward to it!
This class is for absolute beginners. Even if you are 18+, you have to know the basics and start in this level 1 class. 






60 MIN


sports outfit


  • Account required
  • This is a level beginners class
  • No use of cellphone during class
  • No filming (privacy) during class
  • No pictures (privacy) during class
  • Use of cafetaria is obligated


  • There is no obligated uniform.
  • Please make sure that your outfit is a comfortable sports
  • Gym shoes are required