Each member shows knowledge of the internal regulations by means of acceptance thereof at the time of registration and thereby accepts the stipulated conditions. 

1. General. 

  • Danzateljee vzw reserves the right to change rates, lesson times, regulations and conditions. This will be notified in good time via the website
  • We consider politeness to be an elementary form of intercourse. We like to address each other by first name and say 'please' and 'thank you'. We greet each other with a smile and say goodbye with a hug or high-five; Are we late in class? Then we apologise and wait for the teacher to open the door or pick up the child. Unfortunately we can't do anything about traffic jams, but we can quietly enter the dance class. Bicycles are locked outside, so are steps. We hang coats on the coat rack; 
  • The registration fee must be paid as stipulated in our general terms and conditions. 
  • The responsibility of the minor members falls to the legal representative; 
  • The association is not responsible for damage or loss of clothing or other personal belongings. Both in the dance school, dressing rooms and around the dance school; 
  • Personal, valuable belongings are better left at home or can be stored in the hall in the appropriate lockers - baskets; 
  • Forgotten and lost objects are kept in a basket in the downstairs room and are thrown away or donated to charity at the end of each dance year. Danzateljee asbl cannot be held responsible for this; 
  • In case of regular inappropriate, difficult behaviour (e.g. lack of motivation, impertinence, verbal and/or physical violence, ...), a first oral contact with the member's parents or the member himself (in the case of +18 year olds) will be made. After this contact, the member's behaviour is evaluated by the teacher concerned. If, after a second notification, no improvement can be observed, the association has the right to exclude this member, without reimbursement of the membership fee; 
  • Discrimination and sexual harassment will not be tolerated and will of course be punished with the withdrawal of membership and the member will be immediately denied access to the premises; 
  • Mobile phones do not belong in a dance class: turn them on or off during the class (including parents in the canteen!); 
  • Chewing gum is not allowed in the dance school. Please dispose of it in the dustbin and do not stick it under tables and/or chairs; 
  • The consumption of alcohol is forbidden under the age of 18 and there is also a general smoking and drug prohibition in our buildings; 
  • Danzateljee vzw cannot be held responsible for possible accidents outside the lesson times and/or loss, damage or theft of personal belongings in and around the dance school. 

2. Dance wear 

  • Wearing jewellery (clocks, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, piercings,) is forbidden during lessons, competitions and performances. Physical damage to the member or other members by wearing jewelry during the lessons is not the responsibility of the association; 
  • Wearing comfortable sportswear is compulsory and varies according to the style of dance: o Jazz: black legging/shorts and black top Wearing dance slippers or gymnastics slippers with flexible soles is desirable. Basketters, pumps or heavy sport shoes are forbidden; 
  • Classical ballet: dancers wear a uniform. The uniform is described on the website UNIFORMS
  • Other dance styles: comfortable and sporty clothing, sports shoes; 
  • Long hair is always tied together by means of an elastic band and hairpins so that the face is free and always visible; 
  • Wearing headgear is forbidden during dancing lessons. Headgear is only allowed in the context of a dance style e.g. breakdance, if it is explicitly added by the teacher; 
  • Our toddlers do not wear skirts, tights, changing clothes, school shoes, flip-flops, Ugg's and variants, bottins and/or boots, but leggings or sporty bottoms, a T-shirt (possibly a jumper) and dancing on bare feet or gymnastics slippers; 
  • Put your name in your dancewear so you can easily find your stuff. 

3. Dancing lessons 

  • All members write in the appropriate age group, unless the teachers suggest otherwise. The level of the course to be followed is free to choose, unless selection criteria apply. The lecturers are happy to provide advice in this respect. Switching to a different/higher group is always in consultation with the lecturer in question; 
  • An appointment can always be made for an interview with the dance teachers. It is not the intention that the teachers lose time before or after a lesson; 
  • Parents and supervisors are only allowed in the dance hall to accompany their children to the lesson or to help them if they are younger than 8 years old; 
  • It is forbidden to eat and drink soft drinks during the lessons. Only water is allowed in the dance hall; 
  • Always leave the dance hall clean when you leave: do not leave clothes, empty bottles, etc. lying around; 
  • Hand, foot and/or mouth prints do not belong on our mirrors! 
  • Because of the copyright law, our choreo's may not be used for other purposes such as school parties, events, etc. They are the property of Danzateljee and copying them is forbidden. Our teachers spend a lot of time making them and just passing them on to others is disrespectful; 
  • In case of absence the member notifies the association by phone or email; 
  • If too many pupils report their absence in advance, lessons can be merged; 
  • In case of sudden and unforeseen absence of a teacher, members will be notified by e-mail and, depending on the time of day, also by text message.
  • No compensation or replacement lesson is provided if the lessons cannot take place due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness of the teacher, extreme weather conditions, or if they fall on public holidays and school holidays; 
  • We do not allow young children to leave the dance school on their own: so come in and pick up your child! 

4. Cafetaria 

  • It is not permitted to have your own drinks in our canteen. We reserve the right to take your own drinks until the dance class is over or the person in question has left the canteen. Tap water is always available, for which a small fee is charged; 
  • Clear your own table in the canteen. In this way you help us to keep everything tidy for the next guests; 
  • Parents and supervisors in the canteen are expected not to disturb the lessons through loud conversations. We also expect them to show respect and sportsmanship towards other dancers. In case of any problems, displeasure or frustration, they can always turn to the people in charge of the dance school.
  • Danzateljee vzw reserves the right to deny access in case of non-compliance with the above mentioned criteria. 

5. Privacy 

  • We comply with the GDPR rules and, as a result, it is strictly forbidden to make the dancers' own image, video and photographic material. For this, please refer to our privacy statement. The use of image and sound equipment in the broadest sense of the word (photo, film, video, tape, etc.) in and on the grounds of the dance school is only permitted with the permission of the dance school. This permission may be revoked with immediate effect without giving reasons; 
  • Atmosphere images that depict a general, spontaneous and non-posed atmosphere can be taken by members of the Board of Governors or by the persons appointed by them (video and photographic material) and may be used freely for promotional material, website and social media. If there is an objection to this, this must be made known in writing when the member registers. If someone wishes to have a photo/image removed, they can contact the Board; 
  • When registering, we ask for personal details: these are kept internally for our administration. We respect your privacy, do not sell the data and do not send spam, promised! 

6. Copyright 

The association's logo characterizes the corporate identity and can only be used for publications specific to the association. The logo may not be used for other purposes or modified without the permission of the association. 
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