Article 1: Membership 

1.a. Registration as a member at Danzateljee vzw takes place by creating a (parent) account and completing, submitting and sending the registration form via the website. The agreement between the student and the dance school is entered into for the current school year until August 31st. 
b. By confirming your registration, you also agree to these general terms and conditions and to the registration conditions. 
c. Registrations must be made before the start of the new school year. Intermediate enrolment (throughout the year) is possible under the reservation that there is a possibility of placement. 
d. Enrolments are always subject to sufficient registrations for the classes in question. Danzateljee vzw reserves the right to cancel lessons when there are insufficient participants registered. 
e. Placement takes place in order of registration, on the understanding that students of the previous school year have priority for placement. 
f. Upon registration, the student is obliged to pay the full tuition fee. Regardless of whether or not the lessons are used, the customer remains obliged to pay the tuition fee. The degree of attendance is independent of the payment obligation. The membership fee is based on an entire school year including the mentioned holidays. The payment of the due membership fee can take place by bank transfer, cash, bancontact. 
2. The date of receipt of the registration form is the effective date of membership. Danzateljee vzw reserves the right to use the supplied data for communication with its members. 
3. Memberships cannot be temporarily terminated. 
4. It is possible that pictures or videos of you or your child are taken during (class) activities. These can be used for informative and publicity purposes. We assume that you agree to publication, unless you object in writing via the registration form prior to the school year. 
5. In the event of changes to contact and/or address details, the members themselves are responsible for passing on these changes. Any costs incurred in failing to do so will be borne by the client. 
6. Registrations via the Internet are legally valid according to the Civil Code Book 7, Article 46 A to D. 
7. We connect all members to Danssport Vlaanderen. As a result, the member benefits from a sports insurance: civil liability during the dance activities and physical accidents during the dance activities and on the way there and back. 

Article 2: Subscriptions 

1. After registration the registered member is a member of Danzateljee vzw and Danssport Vlaanderen. 
2. Intermediate termination is not possible for any subscription except for the situation described under art. 2.a. 
a. In case of long-term injury or illness (longer than 30 days), the subscription can be stopped once during the term, temporarily, up to a maximum of six months. Termination is only possible after presentation of a doctor's certificate and not retroactively. In the event of termination, the expiry date of the subscription is extended by the duration of the temporary termination and the financial commitment is suspended for the duration of the termination. Absence due to study, internship, work, relocation, pregnancy or holidays does not entitle the holder to terminate the subscription as referred to in this article. 
3. All subscriptions are paid in advance before the start of the season online or via bancontact or cash at the counter of Danzateljee vzw. This can be done once or in 2x -> see https://www.danzateljee.com/prijzen-1. 
4. Danzateljee vzw reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the member with immediate effect in case of late payment, without the obligation to pay lapsing. The subscription fee after termination is immediately due and payable as of the date of termination. 
5. Reimbursement for missed lessons is not possible. Not attending lessons due to injuries, holidays, weddings, etc. does not entitle a refund. Late cancellation of a private lesson booked does not entitle you to a refund either. In special cases such as death or hospitalization, this can be deviated from (see article 2a). If, after repeated reminders, no payment has been made, the association may decide to have the outstanding amount collected by a collection agency. The costs for this are for the member concerned. Following lessons is then no longer possible 

Article 3: 10-PIN cards & lesson series 

1. When purchasing 10-pin cards and/or lesson series, the same conditions apply as mentioned above. 
2. The 10-pin card starts at the moment of purchase and is valid for a period of 4 months. After this period, any remaining balance on the card expires, with the exception of the summer holidays: a maximum of 5 turns can be taken to the beginning of the next dance season. Classes are valid for 10 consecutive lessons. Extensions and/or temporary stops are not possible. The 10-event card and lesson series are personal and are not transferable to another person. 
3. The 10-event card and class series must always be paid in cash, bank transfer or with bancontact in case of prepayment. 
4. As long as the payment obligation has not been fulfilled, the 10-event card and class series will be blocked without suspension of validity and the member will not be able to attend classes. 
5. No refund will be given on remaining lessons. 

Article 4. Rate changes 

Danzateljee vzw reserves the right to change rates in the interim. Price changes will be announced through the website and through announcements in the dance school, at least 2 weeks prior to the price change. Prices will not be changed for the current subscription period and the current 10 pin cards and series. 

Article 5. Discounts 

1. Family discount applies only to the 2nd (and 3rd, 4th ...) family member and only if the family members all live at the same address . 
2. A member who takes several lessons per week is entitled to a subscription discount on the 2nd and subsequent courses. 
3. Discounts cannot be cumulated. 
4. 10-pin cards and lesson series are excluded from discount. 
5. Via the health insurance fund (CM, De Voorzorg, OZ,...) you can get a part of the registration fee back. After receipt of the full registration fee, the student can print out the completed certificate for the intervention of the health insurance fund from his/her (parent's) account. That is why our administration will not fill in any more forms. You hand in the form to your health insurance fund (with a sticker!). 
6. Members with a VT status can get a part of the registration fee back through Buurtsport Berchem. For more information: Lange Pastoorstraat 28, 2600 Berchem Tel. 03/2391486, email: buurtsport.oudberchem@antwerpen.be. 

Article 6: Opening hours 

1. Danzateljee vzw reserves the right to change the opening hours. 
2. On public holidays and during school holidays Danzateljee vzw is closed. 
3. Danzateljee asbl reserves the right to be fully or partially closed in case of unforeseen circumstances... In this case, members have no rights to dissolve or suspend their payment obligations. 

Article 7: Lessons 

1. Danzateljee vzw reserves the right to cancel lessons. Cancellation takes place via . email, sms and/or social media. This can happen if, for example, there are less than 5 students present. Possibilities will be given to overtake the lesson. There will be no refund. 
2. Each participant must report physical complaints to the teacher. In case of doubt, the general practitioner and/or the attending physician should be consulted. The participant is aware that practising physical activities involves risks and that he/she takes any (consequential) damage, which may arise as a result of participating in the lessons, at his/her own risk. 
3. The timetable of the lessons can be found on the website, the facebook page and can be requested at the reception desk. Danzateljee vzw reserves the right to modify the class schedule at any time. 
4. Lessons during school holidays and public holidays will not take place. Participating in the lessons means agreeing to these general terms and conditions. Participation in the lessons is entirely at the participant's own risk. The teachers can in no way be held liable for any damage or injury suffered by a participant. 
5. If there are insufficient registrations in a lesson, it may be decided to cancel this lesson and - if possible - propose an alternative. 
6. If too many pupils report their absence in advance, lessons can be combined. In the event of sudden and unforeseen absence of a teacher or other circumstances, students will be notified by e-mail and - depending on the time of day - also by text message. In this case, no compensation or replacement lesson is provided. 
7. For certain lessons clothing regulations may apply. See the website uniforms

Article 8: Risk and liability 

1. Participating in or following a lesson or course and/or activities of any kind at Danzateljee vzw is entirely at the member's own risk. 
2. Danzateljee vzw does not accept any liability for material or immaterial damage as a result of accident or injury of the member and/or third parties, caused in any way whatsoever. 
3. Danzateljee vzw does not accept any liability for damage, loss or theft of property of the member and/or third parties. 
4. Each member is liable for damage caused to property of Danzateljee vzw, if this damage is due to negligence and/or fault of this member. 
5. Danzateljee vzw is not liable for not receiving emails sent by members, due to incorrect or changed email addresses of the addressee. 

Article 9: House rules 

1. The member is deemed to be aware of the house regulations of Danzateljee vzw and to act accordingly. 
2. The general terms and conditions and the house rules are listed on the website www.danzateljee.com and can be requested at the desk. 
Article 10: General terms and conditions and applicable law. 
1. These terms and conditions and all agreements entered into by or with Danzateljee vzw are exclusively governed by Belgian law. 
2. Disputes arising from the agreement between the member and Danzateljee vzw will be settled by the competent court in the district of Antwerp. 
3. By signing the registration form, the member declares to know and accept the general terms and conditions and the house rules of Danzateljee vzw. 
4. Final provision 
These are the general terms and conditions as of 01/06/2020. The terms and conditions of previous years are hereby cancelled. When enrolling for next school years, the members agree to all these terms and conditions. These conditions can be changed in the meantime and errors are reserved.