You can pay by card or cash

Overview of subscriptions from 1 juli 2018

DANZA "take it EASY": Pay for the whole dancing year

DANZA "be SMART":  pay for 1 dance class, monthly

DANZA "let's COMBI": Pay for 1-2 classes, monthly

DANZA "in the MIX": Pay for 2-5 classes, monthly

DANZA "we are FAMILY": Pay for 5-8 classes, monthly for the whole family (you have to be registered on the same address)

DANZA "count to 10": Fof sport classes, baby's and toddlers > 10-turn card

DANZA "we love 2 SWING": Only for the swing class (8 lessons)

Overview of prices:

Terms & Conditions


* Your registration is valid for the whole dancing season from september till June 2019. 
* Your registration is valid from the moment we recieven your payment. 
* When you did not pay the amount before the payment term, your registration for class wil be cancelled. 
* When a dancer does not show up for class without notification, there will be no change to be repaid. You can receive a voucher for next dancing season. 
* Membership, insurance and tuinion is included in the prices.  
* You can pay by card or cash. If you have choses for a monthly payment, you are responsible or we can make a debit from your bank account. 
* You can only register online 
* Holidays and other official closing days are already discounted from the total amount of payment. 

Reductions en Social care 


With DANZA "take it  EASY" subscritions you will receive a reduction for family members. 
(except > DANZA "Count to 10" en DANZA "We love 2 SWING". )


In some cases the OCMW will provide you with a sportcheque. 

Payment plan:

You can pay monthly. 

Social & health Care:

In all care centers you can have a repayment of a part of your tuition or membeship. You need to pick up the form from your Care Center and give it to the secretary of the dancing school.

Here you can find some of the papers from te Care Centers.