Preschool / Elementary school


* Pants (legging, shorts, ..)
* T-shirt
* Barefoot or gym sneakers (no sports shoes!)


* Skirts
* Dress-ups
* Boots, sandals, ...

Pompon showdance / mini jazz / jazz kids


* Black short naar keuze (link below)
* Black top  (link below)
* Black gym sneakers 
* Uniform skirt
* Haren vast in een dot of staart!




Jazz shortje kopen klik hier
Jazz topje kopen klik hier


Our ballet classes have an obligated uniform. Your uniform has to be correct, decently and clean.

Our uniforms can be bought at dance store ROBICS  (klik op link)
U need to buy it yourself, at the shop!

Oude Vaartplaats 49 - 2000 Antwerpen (google maps)
Tel: 03/232.91.47
Gsm: 0499/38.08.08
The shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays. 

General rules for every ballet class:


  • Ballet costume in the right colour
  • Thights
  • Ballet shoes
  • Dotnetje (long hair) of  hair band (short hair)


  • Leg warmers
  • Cache-coeur


  • Ballet skirts 
  • No underwear visible!!!


  • Black ballet pants and white T-shirt.

Toddler ballet:

A ballet costume of your own choice, no skirts and decent shoes! No H&M for example!

Ballet A:

* Pink costume
* Pink tights
* Ballet shoes
* Pink dotnetje /  haarband


Ballet A+

* Blue costume 

* Pink tights 

* Ballet shoes    

* Blue dotnetje / haarband

Ballet B

* Black costume 

* Pink tights 

* Ballet shoes 

* Black dotnetje /  haarband

Ballet C

* Bordeaux costume
* Pink tights     
* Black or bordeaux dotnetje /  haarband
* Pointe shoes and ballet shoes!

The perfect knot!

- No loose hairs
- Net in the right colour
- We make them at home!!