Zumba® is a Latin-American inspired dance fitness that combines Latin and international music with swinging dance movements. It is a dynamic, fun and effective fitness program!

What you can achieve with Zumba®?

  1. Fat burning Zumba® follows the aerobic and interval training method, thus increasing calorie burning. You can burn up to 1000 calories per class. This of course depends on your fitness level, intensity level and how familiar you are with dance moves.
  2. Toning Throughout the Zumba class, you'll have good control over your core/torso - i.e. your abdominal, back and leg muscles. This gives you an erection and tighter stomach and back muscles. Your lower body gets a total workout. You will notice that your leg and buttock muscles become firmer and tighter and get more shape. The movements you have to do with your arms will also provide the necessary strengthening.
  3. Condition or cardiovascular adaptation means that the quality of your lungs and blood circulation improves.  The most important muscle of your body - your heart - becomes stronger. Your endurance improves noticeably.  

  4. Coördination The swinging dance movements with your waist, legs and arms promote coordination between your different body parts.

  5. Flexibility After about 50 minutes of burning calories, each class ends with stretch exercises to quiet yet swinging music. This way you also become more flexible.

  6. Relaxation It has long been known that music and dancing are good for your spiritual balance. By combining music and dance with fitness you get the ultimate tool to make you stress resistant and to prepare your body and mind to confront the world.

Anyone can join Zumba®. The exercises and steps are easy to follow. And, as you practice, you become more and more in control of the steps. 


 +16 Y






60 MIN




  • Account required
  • No use of cellphone during class
  • No filming (privacy) during class
  • No pictures (privacy) during class
  • Use of cafetaria is obligated


  • There is no obligated uniform.
  • Please make sure that your outfit is a comfortable outfit.
  • Gym shoes are required
  • Hair in a pony tail