EXAMINATIONS: Obligated at the end of every school year 

What can they expect?

Our dancers work hard on their techniques. We have goals to reach and levels to complete. We have tot take these exams to check the level of each child and to see if they can continue in the next ballet level. 

Why exams?

Ballet is a form of art and teaches at many schools. Ballet is an official part of education. We work on flexibility, strength, conditioning, attitude, discipline and many more. We train the body to dance in a beautiful way. Dancers have to be tested on their skills to move on. 

Which classes?

- Ballet A
- Ballet A+
- Ballet B
- Ballet C / pointes

What if they "fail"?

Every dancer work on their own tempo and speed. Sometimes it is necessary to stay in the beginners class, before they can move onto the next level. We do not discuss grades. We trust our ballet teacher to take the reign decision for you children. 


We have official judges who will attend the exams.  

What is important?

besides techniques, we will score:

- Attendances of the students.
- Uniform. Has to be clean, correct and decent every week. No exceptions
All info about our uniforms you can find here.

Absence during exams?

You will fail if you will not attend your ballet exam. There are no resits. Date for exams will be know very soon. Save that date.