Registration is in Dutch!!

Registrations are closed for the season!
However, if you like to start dancing NOW, you have to apply for a single dance lesson. 
After this lesson we will instruct you how you can register until June '20. 

How do you register after try-out class?

You click on the button "register"

You will be send to our registration site "SwingIt"

Attention: When you register, you have to agree with our  terms and conditions. 

How does it work?

1) Make an account as a parent(!!) or an adult (+18y)
> e-mail address and password

2) Confirm your e-mail address in the mail that you will receive after creating your password

3) open the SwingIt registration and log in. 

4) Register a son or daughter (not necessary when you are +18y)

5) Choose your payment and subscription 

> Monthly, annual, 10 session card. All choices you can find  here

6) Choose the dancing class(see) for your child(ren)

7) You want to dance yourself? No problem. You can register afterwards as a dancer too. 

Why an account?

- You can inscribe / register for dance classes
- You can control, adjust or change your personal information
- You don't have to register every year again, because you are already in the system.