1. NAME 

The association bears the name 'Danzateljee vzw'. The registered office of the association is located in Antwerp, district Berchem, Grotesteenweg 113. The registered office may be transferred to any other address by simple decision of the board of directors. The association was founded in Wommelgem on the date of 01/10/2008 as vof Danzateljee The association was transformed into Dancehall vzw on 31/01/2008 by approval of the articles of association by the future directors. The association was transformed into Danzateljee vzw on 26/4/2016 by approval of the articles of association by the future directors. 
The association is established for an unlimited period of time and may be dissolved at any time in accordance with the manner described in the non-profit association's articles of association. 
The social year starts on 1 January and ends on 31 December. 
The dance year for the pupils counts at least. 30 lesson weeks. 


The association shall be managed by the general meeting consisting of at least four members. The general meeting is the highest body of the association and has the most extensive powers for the management of the association and the realisation of its corporate purpose. 
The general meeting delegates the day-to-day management to the board of directors, currently consisting of chairman/the treasurer, secretary, director. 
Chairman: Sarah Vernieuwe
Secretary: Linda Martens
Treasurer: Pierre Vernieuwe
Daily management: Nicky Vernieuwe 
All this as described in the non-profit association statutes and according to the VZW Act. 


The business leader, appointed by the board of directors, will be in charge of the financial actions of the association. All documents justifying income and expenditure will be kept and can be presented to the members at any time. 


The purpose of the association is: 

  • Organizing and offering dance classes to its members or on behalf of other organizations * Organizing and supporting dance performances for its members * Operating a cafeteria for its members 
  • To publicise and maintain the international dance culture in general and in the broadest sense. * It shall have the power to own or use any immovable or movable property likely to be necessary or useful for the fulfillment of its purpose. 
  • This shall be done without and without any racist, religious or political disagreement. 
  • At the same time, the association also aims to cultivate and promote friendly and social coexistence between its members. 
  • The association may own or use movable property if this is necessary for the realization of its corporate purpose. 


We are a dance school with a vision. We use and apply the development objectives and attainment targets of primary education to complement your child's development. We find it very important that we can offer this in a playful, instructive way and respond to their development. Motor deficits can be remedied with the correct dedication and diagnosis of the teacher. That is why the condition of our teachers is also that they are pedagogically educated and have a diploma either in dance and teaching, musical education or primary education. We have our own building that we maintain with great care and are therefore also a private institution, even though we have a close cooperation with the City of Antwerp. That is why we are not the most expensive, but certainly not the cheapest dance school in Greater Antwerp. 
Danzateljee vzw applies the codes of good governance described by Minister Muyters. If you have any questions about physical and sexual cross-border behaviour you can always contact us or you can find the necessary information via Danssport Vlaanderen. 
Danzateljee vzw signed the declaration to be a "Spirited Healthy Gym" and therefore adheres to these rules. 
We are an official dance school and sports club. This means that our academic year or dance year starts in September of the school year and ends in June of the same school year. Just like the schools, we follow all school holidays: autumn holidays - Christmas holidays - crocus holidays - Easter holidays. A school holiday starts on the first day of the week (Monday) and not on Saturday of the previous weekend. We are closed on public holidays. 


  1. The number of members is unlimited. The number of members per group depends on the dance style. For young children there are always 2 teachers and/or supervisors and the maximum is 35. For technical lessons, the number of members per group is around 20. In case the total number of members is less than 100, the voluntary dissolution of the association will take place as described in the articles of association. This will be pronounced by the board, which will then also determine what the social property will be used for. If a lesson is full, it is no longer possible to register for that dance lesson. You can, however, put yourself on a waiting list. 
  2. Anyone who offers himself/herself as a member can be admitted. The board always has the possibility not to accept a member provided there is a reasonable motivation for doing so. The board can decide in which level group the member will be placed. A member may be placed in a lower or higher group after evaluation of the lecturer. The purpose of this is to respect the level of the member. This can be done during technical classes, such as classical ballet and jazz. 

6.1 Security 

In order to guarantee the safety of our members, there is a maximum number of people allowed in the building. If this limit is exceeded, visitors may be refused access to the building. It is therefore desirable to stick to an average of 2 visitors per member. Buggies, push chairs - especially twins or double pushchairs, we recommend that you leave them at home to ensure a smooth evacuation in case of an emergency. 

6.2 Insurance 

The association takes out sports insurance with a fully-fledged insurance company, Danssport Vlaanderen, for all members, teachers, volunteers and board. 
The members pay an annual fee for this insurance. Currently this is included in the membership fee. The amount can be adjusted in the course of later years. 
The association also takes out civil liability insurance for all members, teachers, volunteers and the board. 
The association also takes out a director's insurance for all directors of the VZW. 
Loss or damage to property (movable and immovable property) of the association caused by an accidental visitor who is not covered by the civil liability insurance shall be recovered at all times. 

6.3 Privacy & GDPR 

We comply with the GDPR rules. Read our privacy statement here. 
In these times of social media, we too are on our guard. What a nice photo on FB, Twitter or Instagram or a nice movie on You Tube might be unthinkable for another parent. We assume that when you film, you take several children in the picture. We have parents who sign a privacy statement with us. This means that their child(ren) may not be filmed or photographed. And certainly not on social media. To make no distinction in this, filming is simply forbidden. We are watching this very closely. If you want to do that, you will be called to account for it. 


7.1 Start registrations 

You can register when the registrations are opened. This is usually in May/June of the previous dance year. For example: the registrations for dance year 2020-2021 start in June 2020. There is always a second registration flow that is organised after the Christmas holidays. These dates may vary from year to year. 

7.2 Trial lessons 

We think it is extremely important that every child, young adult or adolescent is happy here. Everyone should be able to make their own choice. That's why we organise a trial lesson week at the start (May/June) and/or in September. This gives you the opportunity to taste different lessons and make a choice from the range on offer, taking into account age and level. Our teachers will be happy to assist you and advise you in your choice of lessons. We guarantee quality and want to monitor it. Children who are too young, or better still stay a little lower, are advised about this. With us, children do not automatically move on. This choice and evaluation is done by the teacher of your lesson. If you would like some extra explanation, please feel free to contact your teacher. We find it more important that you or your child is in the right class than that he/she is too high and disturbed in his/her development. 

7.3 Class system and moving on 

For children, we strictly follow the class system from the point of view of education. This means that, for example, toddlers can join us at the same time they go to school. There used to be a few fixed moments of entry (after each school holiday), now this is often something different. So your child must already be 2.5 years old before he or she can start in toddler dance class. To bridge that time, we offer toddler dance until they turn 2.5 and from there they can easily move on to toddler dance class. The same goes for the 2nd kindergarten class, 3rd kindergarten class, 1st year and so on. All ages and divisions can be found on our teaching offer. Unfortunately, it can happen that girlfriends or siblings of different ages do not sit together in the dance class. This is also the case at school, in the swimming or music school as well. We are no different. 

7.4 All children are welcome.

Don't you speak the language? Then a dance school with responsibility for you is the ideal language pool! All of our classes are in Dutch, with the exception of dance-oriented terms such as ballet (French). We also open our arms to children who possess qualities and qualities that may not be so obvious at other holiday moments, such as Down, ASS, High Sensitivity, ADHD, ... We are happy to answer all your questions. If you would like to register a child with these qualities, please mention this when registering. We will be happy to contact you personally, to discuss everything with you. 

7.5 Introductory dance technical courses 

Some courses require a great deal of technique, such as classical ballet and modern ballet. These courses start in September and continue until the end of the dance year in June. It is not possible to join them in the meantime, because the backlog cannot be made up. On the teacher's advice, a new start can be made in September, or with some experience from another academy or dance school, after a trial lesson on request. You can find out which courses this concerns in the course offer.

7.6 House regulations 

We have house rules. Everyone must comply with these agreements. This concerns registration, payment, cancellation and socio-cultural agreements, drink, drugs and bullying. When you register, you automatically sign our house regulations. It is therefore advisable to read these carefully, so that there can be no discussion in the event of any problems.