Preschool 3 (+5y)


Danzateljee specializes in children's dance from the age of 1,5 years. 
Our teachers are trained one by one and have the necessary certificates and diplomas to give your child that extra push during the most important years of their motoric and social-cognitive development. We use the same development goals and attainment levels as in preschool and primary school. We differentiate, stimulate, motivate and guide in the best way we can. 
With a warm heart for children we give them the opportunity to experiment, develop, try, again and again, in a musical framework and dance education. 
From the moment the children enter the preschool (2,5 years), they are allowed to come to these dance classes.
We also work with a dress code to guarantee the comfort and safety of our children. 
By building up lessons and following their development, we have chosen to place each age in a separate group, just like in school:
1st preschool class = peuterdans
2nd preschool class = kleuterdans
3nd preschool class = kinderdans
 Weekly presence is greatly appreciated
Every week we work around a new topic (flowers, winter, pirates, fairy tales, ...) and work with all different elements in dance and dance expression
Then they move to the next class: Preschool 2 (kleuterdans)






60 MIN


Bare feet or gym shoes


  • Account required
  • No use of cellphone during class
  • No filming (privacy) during class
  • No pictures (privacy) during class
  • Use of cafetaria is obligated