The full dance year of 30 lessons starts on 21 September 2020 and runs until 30 May 2021*

* This option is no langer available due to the current date

The second part of the school year (15 classes) will start on 25th of January 2021
There are no dance classes on school holidays** 

**School holidays always start on Mondays of the holiday week. Saturday and Sunday still belong to the previous lesson week

Available discounts

Multiple classes:

Family reduction:

€ 25,00  per class

€ 10,00 per member*

*members of the family must live at the same home address
* not valid on a series of 10 classes


  1. You can download the form for the mutual health organisations after paying the full amount

If you click on the button above, you will be redirected to the Member Administration website.
Here you will first need to create an account as an adult (18+) so that you are registered.
From then on you can add your child(ren), select their lesson(s) and choose the corresponding formula(s) and discount(s).