A school year would consist of a total of 27 lessons.
But you can also choose one serie (or multiple series) of 9 lessons:
So there are 3 series of 9 lessons, throughout the whole dance year.
MODULE 1: start on Monday 12 September 2022
MODULE 2: start on Monday 21 November 2022
MODULE 3: start on Monday 13 February 2023

Some exceptions

  • € 100,00 for a module with classes of 60 minutes (most classes)
  • € 150,00 for a module with classes of 90 minutes (ballet adults, breakdance, modern contemporary, burlesque)
  • € 200,00 for a module with classes of 120 minutes (Theatre 3)

Available discounts:



  1. Because with a module you only get for 9 lessons, after which you can just stop, there is no discount available 
  2. This module consists of a series of 9 consecutive lessons
  3. You can download the form for the health organizations after paying the full amount

If you click on the button above, you will be redirected to the Member Administration website.
Here you will first need to create an account as an adult (18+) so that you are registered.
From then on you can add your child(ren), select their lesson(s) and choose the corresponding formula(s) and discount(s).