1. Do all kids participate?

  • All kids participate, unless you have given us EXPLICIT instructions that they will not be joining.

2. When can we purchase tickets?

  • Ticket sales starts on Sunday, May 1st  at 10:00am. At that moment you will have the possibility to order a maximum of 3 tickets per participating child. You can order these tickets via this link:TICKETS

3. I have multiple kids in different groups.

  • As much as possible, we will consider this, so we can put these (your) kids in the same show.
  • Attention, there are around 400 kids that will participate. So it will not be an easy task!

4. Do we have to provide clothes?

  • Clothing for the show will be purchased and provided by us. For the simple things like a white t-shirt or a jeans, we ask that you provide this yourself.
  • Each group gets a list with the things they need.
  • You can find this list above (info per group) or via this link:INFO PER GROUP

5. Are there extra rehearsals for this show?

  • For the moment there are no extra rehearsals planned. 
  • But maybe there will be some extra rehearsals later on (only with the kids from the show) 

6. Can I go and get my kid out of the dressing room?

    •  No. Absolutely not.